Tracy Allen Williams
Transformational Speaker
*  Athlete
*  Actor
*  Television Show Host
*  Former Harlem Globetrotter

In 1982 at East Carteret High School in eastern NC, a 17 year old basketball player was making headlines with his athletic talent.  Carrying the titles of Carteret County News-Times Player of the Year and All-State Honors, the boy commanded attention every time he stepped on the court.  His boldness, created by early years in the toughest parts of New York, served him well.  But talen alone doesn't buy you a future, and for this child, the price was too high for his family to afford.  Fortunately, a guidance counselor at the school saw in the youth what he could not see himself.  She sent out hundreds of letters to colleges requesting athletic scholarships.  Her efforts garnered the young man a sports scholarship to James Madison University and ultimately set his feet on the path to an impressive professional career in sports and entertainment.

Tracy A. Williams wasn't always a leader, but he always had drive.  He wasn't always a visionary, but he always had guts.  Though when he was younger, he might not have believed he'd end up giving hope to disheartened youth or that his spoken word would lift up hundreds of people to their dreams.  But he believes it now.  This towering powerhouse of a man, whose engaging grin begs your attention is not above getting in the face of those he cares about and delivering his message.  "Believe", he entreats "upon your birth you were given gifts so beautiful they cannot be ignored or hidden away...but it is put upon you to bring them out and find their use."  Tracy believes all right.  His message is his mission.  The intention is clear...you cannot leave his presence without knowing that you must believe because he believes in 120% in you.

From pressing the court with the world renowned "HARLEM GLOBETROTTERS" to gracing the golden screen in the movie "JUWANNA MANN", Tracy knows the spotlight well.  But he's just as comfortable in a room full of high school principals or with a group of kids in a Los Angeles basketball gym.  Tracy's gratitude and spirit of giving back is always present.  After a satisfying career as a professional basketball player, Tracy A. Williams developed TW enterprises / T.A. Williams & Associates.  Under this umbrella, Tracy founded his annual youth basketball camp helping hundreds of boys and girls to learn athletic and important life skills.  As a mentor to area high school athletes and a celebrity sponsor with charities like "The Mile of Hope"  , Tracy A. Williams endeavors to do for others what the guidance counselor did for him so many years ago.  Success, he'll tell you, is not only about the possibilities you see in yourself, but what others see in you.  It starts with that familiar word...BELIEVE.

Tracy A. Williams lives with his beautiful wife in North Carolina.


kathriana burnett
10/16/2011 10:47

u came to clover high school and made an diffrents in all of us made a hugg inpack on us.thank u.

Paul Atkins
07/18/2014 20:57

Whats good boss?


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